Call Me Back - FAQ

The module is not visible

- Check that the module is published

- Check that module has a correct and visible possition

- Check that the module has been assigned one or more menueitems.

Language problems

Call me back is using the same language as the site the module is installed on. You only have to change language under Administration -> Extensions -> Language Manager. If the module does not contain a language file for the chosen language it will use the default language (English). 

- Always download and install/reinstall the latest version of our module from

- Be sure that the desired language is included in our module. If not we can include the language if you can help us translate.

- The general Joomla language pack must be installed before installing our module. If not please reinstall Call Me Back

- To make the module Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 compatible we have two sets of language files. Please check that you have both files.

File locations:  

Also rembember this if you edit the language files - both files must be updated.


Our call_me_back form has no styling included. It is using the styles from your template (like most other modules).

If you want to change the form you have to modify your current template. Fx. if you want to change the textbox text color to red you can add this CSS:

#mod_itf_form input{color: red;}

or if you want to set a fixed width on the fields

#mod_itf_form input{width: 200px;}

Mail issues

- Be sure you have set a valid email in the module configuration

- Try disabling caching. Some users has reported problems when using caching. Please report back with more information about you setup if you also have this problem.

- Test our module with a standard Joomla theme (themes included in the official Joomla distribution). This will tell if our module has a conflict with your chosen theme

SPAM issues

- Be sure you are using the latest version of our module. We have included som wery simple spam protection - it is not allowed to send the words "http" and "www" in the input fields.

- We cannot include af CAPTCHA solution - it cannot be done in a way that fits all sites/designs. Instead we plan to improve the filter fx. so that only numbers can be typed in the phone number field or a "banned word" filter that can be configured per site. Any other suggestions are appreciated.

Still got problems?

If this does not work please send more information about your Joomla installation:

- Joomla version/distribution

- Language pack

- Template

- Link to your site

Use this support formular or send a mail to Denne email adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.

Please do not ask questions on the review page on